How to Connect Outlook to email

We are Not the Geek Squad and We are Not the Computer Repair Nerds, but we will try to explain this

But we can explain how to connect your Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 to email in orange county. It should work the same all over the USA. Step 1 is to go to the Windows Control panel and find the EMAIL control panel. Press it, and go to profiles. Make a new profile, that is primarily IMAP. What you will need next is: your password, and then servers are, port is 993 with SSL and authentification box checked, Outgoing is with port 587, TLS or 465 SSL and use auth check box too. Always use TLS when possible. for more information see this: cox how to

Outlook Installation and Upgrades

We can upgrade your outlook and microsoft office suite to office 2016 for a nominal charge. call us to find out how

Outlook File Repair and Recovery

When you Outlook crashes and refuses to open again, and tells you that the PST file cannot be opened, we can recover it using scanpst.exe or other similar programs. Call us and find out how



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