MLS/IDX Website Integration Software Solution

Professional web developers prefer IDX integration solutions vs manual listing entries.

IDX Integration Solutions

Bare Wire Networks Corp is an approved MLS/IDX solutions provider for Corelogic-Trestle. As such we are proud to offer our own integrated MLS/IDX WebApi Feed solution to participating real estate listing agents. Our IDX Integration product can be customized to your agency. Bare Wire Networks MLS/IDX solution is a fully compliant proxy that can display a listing agent's properties and it's photos on an agency website.

What is an MLS/IDX WebAPI Solution

There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there about the MLS/IDX integration solutions. Nobody can seem to explain it. Bare Wire Networks (BWN) offers this authoratitive explanation. The MLS/IDX WebAPI is a Application programming interface (API) for web display applications that allows solution providers to craft a custom website display page showing your own MLS listings. IDX is the internet data exchange API that allows developers to access the listings. The API allows developers to query any listing and any of its features, such as property descriptions and photos. With each query, the results are formatted into a viewer friendly page. A so called "integration" is simply the inclusion of this display into your own website. The page can be formatted to look like a listing agent's own website. The so called WebApi is an improved version of the old RETS system. RETS is now obsolete and should not be used for new sites. If you have an old RETS solution, you should upgrade to WebAPI. The WebAPI is preferrable. The WebAPI allows applications to query the MLS database and dump the IDX raw data, then it is formatted. It can be formatted to appear very basic and crude or be formatted to be very stylish and luxurious. If your buyers are spending seven figures on a home and your commission is very generous, you should opt for the stylising display. The IDX solutions offered by Bare Wire Networks include the ability to display all of the listings in a particular city.

What is the MLS

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a service that real estate listing agents use to register and publish their for-sale real estate listings to the world. Unless it's a pocket listing, a real estate agent, a seller's agent, will post the listing, its details and its photos to the MLS service. It will get wide exposure thru various publishing entities such as Zillow, RedFin and other buyer's agents that offer MLS services to their buyers. Buyers will peruse the databases using their websites to find homes and other properties.

What is the IDX

IDX is the so called internet data exchange. It is a means of extracting a variety of datasets from the CoreLogic databases and displaying them. Thare are other databases in the offerings besides MLS listings.

How Does an MLS/IDX Plugin Operate

This is how a proper IDX solution would work in principle. A MLS/IDX Plugin will use the WebAPI to extract listings from the MLS, using a prefedfined query. It is not neccessarily a plugin in the traditonal sense. It is a completely stand-alone web page with the IDX code built-in. The query can be as simple as your MLS userid to extract only your listings, or the plugin can use a city name and price range to extract all listings. In actuality, it is not really a plugin, as usually known, instead the so called plugin would be a separate webpage that encapsulates the WebAPI to query the MLS and format the results into a viewer friendly web page. The alternative to the WebApi would be a manually added collection of listings on a listing agent's website. This sort of thing is ok when you have 1 or 2 listings. When the agent has many listings and they are constantly being changed, the agent really needs an automated service.

How Does MLS/IDX Integration Help Listing Agents

The MLS/IDX Integration will save the listing agent lots of time, and can streamline the process of displaying their listings on their websites. Listings can automatically be transfered from the MLS to their own website in real time. Without this important feature, other buyers agents may display the listings. The additional benefit is exposure to search engines. The so called organic exposure can put their listings in public search results. Listing agents can use MLS/IDX integration on their own agency site to develop a stand out agent branding.

Can you DIY Your Own IDX Display Solution

Maybe, but it will be very a very painful and fruitless task. IDX developers need access to the MLS database, and their application code needs to be vetted and approved by the board. Furthermore, it's long and drawn out process to get approval. MLS member realtors can do this, but it's a lot of work. If you have a low tolerance for frustration, it's better not to attempt it on your own. Your best path forward is to work with an approved developer and pay them for their service. You may find lots of search results indicating otherwise, but it's an excercise in futility. Click on the link below to get started. If you, the Realtor are a member of the So. Cal Regional MLS, we can setup a free trial to preview your listings. Our Github MLS connector example is a great place to start.

How Much Will It Cost the Listing Agent

BWN's pricing is very competitive. It's a flat rate price per agent per agency. Pricing: $50/month per agency, and an addition $15/agent per month. Custom site developement is TBD. Ask us for a price. If you use one of our stock pages, then there's a $250 one time startup fee. Also included: nearby city search to show other listings nearby. A Free 15 day trial option is available for the CRMLS. Ask us how.

Which MLS Does this work with?

There are over 85 MLS associations that offer this service, including MLS in CA, TX, AZ, etc...

Are There Any Free Wordpress Plugsins?

Yes, but most of them are half baked and lacking in features. Unleashing their full capabilities often requires paying for additional features and paying for access to the MLS. Your best option is a non-wordpress page with the IDX integration baked into it's back-end code.

Buyer's Home Search

Our newest offering, the buyer home search is a stand-alone page that you can put on your website that allows your buyers to search the MLS right on your website. So, no need to send them to Zillow or Redfin to search and then report back. Simply ask your buyers to visit your own agency website and search for home. You can show everyone's listings as well as your own. This page can be customized, colored and branded to fit into the rest of your website.

home search home search home search

Consider Our Solution, You Will Love It!

Check Out our free open source Github repository of IDX examples. If you want to DIY your own or understand how it works, see our Github starter code.

Read this indepth story on IDX What is IDX Integration Blog Story It is the perfect explanation of what IDX is.

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