Cox Internet Outlook Email Settings

Cox Internet Outlook Email Server Settings for Orange County and Beyond.Advice for home users.

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Cox internet is no longer offering a free email account with new subscribers. Cox is tired of dealing with email issues and wants to relate free email to the googles and office365. If you are a new subscriber, get a free gmail or account instead.

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Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 Settings for Email

The first thing to do is to make sure you have a modern version of Microsoft Office installed. Hopefully by now you have installed Office 2010,2013,2016 or greater. Then you should make sure Outlook is installed too. Only select versions of Office have Outlook. Family, Personal Home and Business and Professional have Outlook. Student Editions do not have it. Finally, click on the Start Menu, then Control Panel, then the Mail icon to get into your cox email Outlook settings

The next thing to do is to visit the Cox residential signin page to verify that you know your own password visit this site: Cox Email

cox webmail link: Cox Webmail

What Are the Email Server Settings? Do I need to Call 949-546-2020 Again?

We can explain how to connect your Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 to email in orange county. It should work the same all over the USA. Step 1 is to go to the Windows Control panel and find the EMAIL control panel. Press it, and go to profiles. Make a new profile, that is primarily IMAP. What you will need next is: your password, and then servers are, port is 993 with SSL and authentification box checked, Outgoing is with port 587, TLS or 465 SSL and use auth check box too. Always use TLS when possible. for more information see this: cox how to

Your Username

Your username is your account name with i.e.

Server Names

Inbound using IMAP: port 993 OR Use POP: port 995 using TLS or SSL

Outbound SMTP: port 587 or 465 with SSL option checked.

Outlook Installation and Upgrades

We can upgrade your outlook and microsoft office suite to office 2016 for a nominal charge. call us at 949-371-5079 to find out how

Outlook File Repair and Recovery

When you Outlook crashes and refuses to open again, and tells you that the PST file cannot be opened, we can recover it using scanpst.exe or other similar programs. Call us at 949-371-5079 and find out how

Bare Wire Networks can visit your home or office to repair and recover your Cox Email account. In Orange County, a service visit will cost $95.00. To learn more about our computer services and see our price list click here email Server settings for Apple Macintosh

Same servers settings as above

Activation Failures

Suddenly, there is a big red bar at the top of Outlook. This means that Outlook is not activated. We can activate it for you. Call to schedule a remote help session.

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For a limited time, we are offering a free 15 minute remote consultation over Teamviewer, gotomeeting or Zoom. In that 15 minutes, we can resolve your issue or advise you on a formal fix. Our full service will cost $75 to repair your outlook.